„I am primarily a novelist. In writing this book, I think of myself as a translator whose job it is to interpret and synthesize what I’ve read and learned. My great respect goes to the researchers who, in recent decades, have uncovered these behavioral and cognitive errors. The success of this book is fundamentally a tribute to their research. I am enormously indebted to them.“ (Rolf Dobelli, Introduction to The Art of Thinking Clearly)














This international bestseller distills cutting-edge research from behavioral economics, psychology, and neuroscience into a clever and practical guide for everyone who’s ever wanted to be wiser and make better decisions. Rolf Dobelli, a novelist, thinker and entrepreneur, and student of social science, deftly shows that in order to lead happier, more prosperous lives, we don’t need extra cunning, new ideas, shiny gadgets, or more frantic hyperactivity—all we need is less irrationality. Simple, clear and always surprising, this indispensable book will change the way you think and transform your decision-making – at work, at home, every day. From why you shouldn’t accept a free drink to why you should walk out of a movie you don’t like, to why it’s so hard to predict the future to why shouldn’t watch the news, The Art of Thinking Clearly helps solve the puzzle of human reasoning.

„If you want to learn how simple errors in everyday thinking hold us back from living well, you must read Rolf Dobelli’s masterly guide to human irrationality.“
(John Gray, Professor at the London School of Economics and author of STRAW DOGS)

„A fireworks show of insights into how our minds work. If you want to avoid tripping on cognitive errors, read this book.“
(Iris Bohnet, Professor and Academic Dean Harvard Kennedy School, Director of the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory)

„Dobelli examines our most common decision-making failings with engaging eloquence and describes how to counter them with instructive good sense.“
(Robert Cialdini, Author of the bestseller Influence)

„A practical manifesto. In a world full of cognitive errors, Rolf Dobelli shows us how to avoid them elegantly. This book belongs on the desk of every CEO.”
(Ton Büchner, CEO AkzoNobel – a 15bn EUR company)

„This book is a treat. Highly relevant, scientifically grounded and beautifully written.“
(Claudio Feser, CEO McKinsey Switzerland)

„This book provides a truly fresh perspective. It is intelligent, informative, and witty. Rolf Dobelli’s clear prose illuminates how we think.”
(Christoph Franz, Global Chairman, Roche)

„This book will change the way you think.”
(Prof. Dan Goldstein, London Business School)

„Dobelli, the entrepreneur and founder of companies, writes authentically without being snobbish. His chapters are entertaining, full of anecdotes, and he supports his view points with scientific knowledge.”
(Financial Times Germany)

“Dobelli pinpoints exactly the assumptions, bias and illusions that shape our thinking and decision-making processes in both business and personal relationships.” (Financial Times UK & USA)

“Where he (Dobelli) makes his contribution is by pulling all this together, setting it side by side, and forcing us to stand back and think.” (Wall Street Journal)

“Dobelli examines cognitive errors we make in order to avoid them in the future. His book is written in engaging prose.” (WSJ Money)

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