21-04-2015 BUSINESS OF INNOVATION FORUM, KUALA LUMPUR: Keynote on The Art of Thinking Clearly

11-12-2014 BOOK AWARD / PRIX DU LIVRE IN FRANCE: The Art of Thinking Clearly receives the Book Award 2015 for the best business book from Air France, Julhiet, EDF and Le Groupe La Poste

12-10-2014 STRAITS TIMES, SINGAPORE: “The Art of Thinking Clearly” number one bestseller in Singapore

14-08-2014 STYLIST: The App to the book: New App will help you make big life decisions

01-09-2013 SCEPTRE PRESS RELEASE: The Art of Thinking Clearly surpasses one million copies

27-07-2013 NEW PHILOSOPHER MAGAZINE The News — Why do we Subject Ourselves to it?

19-06-2013 THE JONATHAN BAYLOR SHOW (audio) The Art of Thinking Clearly on the “Science of Slim” Radio Show

15-06-2013 THE TIMES I Can Make You Smarter: The Self-Help Guru The Germans Love

10-06-2013 JEFF SCHECHTMAN SHOW The Art of Thinking Clearly on the Jeff Schechtman Radio Show

31-05-2013 MONEYLIFE INDIA “A Complete Shortlist of the Behavioral Biases.”

28-05-2013 HUFFINGTON POST “Happiness Tips: 5 Things You Need To Know About Your Pursuit Of Joy”

07-05-2013 GULF TIMES “The Problem with Thinking Clearly”

05-05-2013 THE TIMES OF INDIA “News is to the mind what sugar is to the body — Interview with Rolf Dobelli”

30-04-2013 BBC RADIO “All in the Mind” (starting at 15:00 minutes)

18-04-2013 THE GUARDIAN “Rolf Dobelli’s ideas about not needing news are dangerous”

18-04-2013 THE RAY D’ARCY SHOW Ireland, Podcast

16-04-2013 HUFFINGTON POST “News is bad for you?”

12-04-2013 THE GUARDIAN News is bad for you – and giving up reading it will make you happier

11-04-2013 THE LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS “The Art of Thinking Clearly”, Podcast

11-04-2013 BBC RADIO 5 LIVE Rolf Dobelli on “The Richard Bacon Show”

11-04-2013 IRISH INDEPENDENT “Five Ways to Think More Clearly”

15-01-2013 EDGE.ORG “The Paradox of Material Progress”

01-01-2009 NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB “Conversation with Rolf Dobelli”

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